Tattoos and Podcasts

Tattoos and podcasts use different modes of communication to share our beautifully complicated stories with the world. There are really two schools of thought when you run into a midlife crisis: Get a tattoo or start a podcast. Now, I know that it’s not quite that simple, but this blog post serves a guide to using different turning points in your life as inspiration for creative outlets.

A close friend of mine and a student at The King’s College, Samantha Klozik catalogs the various key events in King’s students’ lives that led to their tattoos in her blog. Sam’s blogs encourage its readers to find the portions of their story that they want to share with the world in the form of a tattoo. These tattoos range from tiny, simple tattoos like one with four characters “7×70” to a sleeve of Michaelangelo’s Rondanini Pieta.

While tattoos and podcasts vary in some key aspects (permanence, pain, and visual art), the essence of the two could not be more alike. Especially in times like these. COVID-19 has torn communities apart. Schools have shut down. Companies have laid-off workers. Let this time be a time of reflection and communication. Don’t let your story remain unheard. Whether its a tattoo, a podcast, or something completely different, let the world know.

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